Four Giants Challenge by Jamie Marais.

1 July 2016

One man, two world record attempts, four giants, five countries, twelve months and ZERO chance to surrender. Jamie Marais is working long and hard to attempt four endurance challenges few men would ever attempt and less would accomplish.

These challenges, referred to as the “Four Giants Challenge”, includes the climbing of Table Mountain 24 times in 24 hours resulting in a 72km run climbing a total of just under 17 000m in elevation. Then he will attempt cycling up the 18km’s of the DuToits Kloof Pass 10 times in an allotted 12 hours resulting in 11 100m in elevation, the first of the two world record attempts. Following that will be his second world record attempt, longest distance on a Stand up paddle board in flat water in 24 hours. He will be attempting this on Lake Tanganyika where he hopes to travel the distance of the lake, 676km, in 10 days. Also making him the first person to SUP the length of Africa’s largest lake. Lastly comes his attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, in 10 hours, up and down. This speed ascent will be one of very few every attempted.

The reasons why Jamie has decided to this are as follows:

“1. Promote awareness of the life changing power of sport. 
Exercise can literally save your life.

2. To inspire people to believe in themselves & to believe that everything is possible.

3. To raise support for selected charities and use my physical ABILITY to help those with physical DISABILITY.”

I myself have experienced the life changing power of physical exercise and had my life changed dramatically, for the better. Personally I understand fully the reasons why Jamie wishes to conquer these Giants which he faces and the good that will come from it.

We at Giant Durbanville wish him the best of luck and hope he accomplishes the “Four Giants Challenge”.

Giant Durbanville is one of the proud sponsors for Jamie on his quest supplying him with a Custom Giant TCR Advanced to complete the second Challenge he will face, including the world record he hopes to achieve.

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Jannik Joubert